A little Christmas fable for you, dear reader:

Once upon a time a group of filthy rich men met for lunch to celebrate together before going off with their families for the holidays.

They were jolly men, who thought themselves fine fellows, successful and with a firm grasp of the ways of the world which had rewarded them so lavishly.

While they sat at their delicious repast, drinking fine wines and enjoying each others company, one said to another,”I have a special present for you, my friend. In honor of your great good character I have decided to give  your employees a thousand dollar bonus each this Christmas.”

“What a marvelous gift!”, the others cried. “So original, so generous!”

The friend replied, “And I will pay for a two week vacation for each of your employees, my dear friend.”

And thus the whole table entered into the Spirit of the thing, busying themselves with bestowing wonderful gifts on each other; new cars for the workers of one factory, turkey dinners for the families of another, warm winter coats, cash envelopes, gift cards, all manner of things until they were happily exhausted. Then, feeling warm and satisfied, they hugged and wished each other fond regards and departed for their various ski chalets, Caribbean islands, far-flung yachts, and distant holiday homes. And so it took the workers quite a while to track them all down and kill them.

The End